New Sound System For Future Concerts

2013-09-26 at 19.28.46

Our new computer-based live show setup has been in the works for eight months. Why would our performance setup take so long to configure? Because we want to control every aspect of our live sound for the ultimate concert experience. Designing our new live-mixing and perfectly equalized system for our performances has been an ambition from day one of Gemanon’s existence. A computer-based system such as this requires serious testing, monetary investment, and education. We are very proud of what our future shows will behold, and we promise, it will be like nothing you’ve heard before. Our setup is a pro-level concert arrangement that will result in you being able to hear every detail of our handcrafted songs. There are only a handful of touring bands using a similar setup, and we have every intention of improving on this new paradigm and pushing the live music scene forward so all our supporters get the very best live show experience. We will be posting more details in the near future! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS for future updates!

P.S. Here is a picture of us preparing our MacBook Pro for the show:


Our First Concert In Over a Year! Cupertino, Oct. 26th

Gemanon Oct 26 2012 Xbar Flyer small

New songs, new band mates, and an amazing new computer-based performance setup. With great bands, a sweet venue, and a new Gemanon, this show isn’t to be missed! We will be playing with To Our Legends, Stormbat, Montra, Curse of the North, and our buddies Crepuscle!

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$6 at the door, Food & beverages available, Bar 21+. They have some decent beers here!

Time & Date:October 26th, 2013, Saturday – Mitchell’s birthday! Doors open at 8 PM. We aren’t sure when we will be performing.

Location: Homestead Lanes & X-bar — 20990 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 94087

Gemanon Featured in GoPro Motocross Video

GoPro, a local and quite popular camera and sporting company, recently used one of our upcoming songs The Sorrow Man in their Harescramble motocross video! Our rockin’ tunes are a perfect match for these extreme sporting videos. We were endorsed by GoPro about a year ago, and we’re loving our partnership. At this point the video has 125,000 views, and we are super happy with how the video turned out! Take a look and let us know what you think of the song and the new mix featuring Mitchell’s acoustic drums!

Meet Mitchell Cairns, Our New Drummer

We would formally like to introduce our new drummer, Mitchell Cairns! Mitchell has been drumming for 5+ years now and has a small following due to his video game drum covers and his project Tetrimino BG Band and Maximum Hamburgers. Like James and Ryan, Mitchell has a lot of progressive metal influence, is a multi-instrumentalist, and writes and records catchy melodic riffs that fit the Gemanon paradigm. You may be familiar with Mitchells work since we posted his Earthrift and Redirect drum covers on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Expect to see many Gemanon drum videos in the near future! In the mean time, check out his personal YouTube channel and his video game cover online collaboration Tetrimino.

New Song: Tempest Rising

It’s finally here! Our new 8-minute-long song is available for streaming and purchase.

Buy Tempest Rising on Bandcamp

3 revisions

Tempest Rising work began about 5 months ago, and this release was the third revision. The song was practically re-written on the second iteration, and this third was a set of entirely new recordings. Most of our songs now go through a similar process, hence why we take a little longer to release songs that other bands.

A New Mix

We spent a considerable amount of time crafting a new mix for future Gemanon releases. With our new guitars, a truly custom drum mix, and vastly improved synth engines, we were really able to push the sonic boundaries for Tempest Rising. We are very proud of our new recordings!

We hope you love the song as much as we enjoyed making it. This song was a new journey for us, and we believe it shows our growth as a band. If you enjoy the song, consider supporting our efforts by purchasing the song on Bandcamp!

Tempest Rising – New Single Coming Friday!

It’s been a while since we released some music. We’ve been finely tuning our mix for future releases and creating, revising, and recording plenty of music. On top of this, we are currently searching for an exceptional drummer and bassist to join our team. On Friday (4.19.2013) we will be releasing our new single Tempest Rising. This song is Gemanon’s most technical, progressive, and dynamic to date. With a new mix and several revisions, Tempest Rising is 8+ minutes of pure chaos not meant for the faint of heart.

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We know you’ve been clamoring for new Gemanon tunes, and we appreciate your patience. We believe Tempest Rising is well worth the wait!

Earthrift Drum Cover By Mitchell Cairns

Similar to his “Redirect” drum cover, Mitchell brilliantly covers our instrumental Earthrift. Earthrift has quite a few tempo and time signature changes throughout the song, and Mitchell handles them with grace.

Browse through Mitchell’s plethora of videos on YouTube. Thank’s again Mitchell!

“Redirect” Drum Cover by Mitchell Cairns

Our buddy Mitchell Cairns has recorded a video drum cover playthrough of our work-in-progress song “Redirect”. Being an excellent drummer, Mitchell does a great job jamming along to Redirect.

Mitchell has a ton of great drum videos on YouTube. Thanks Mitchell!

Meridian Lyric Video featuring Ryan’s and James’ Guitar Solos

Watch this video you YouTube.

Along with Sentience, Meridian now has it’s own lyric video. Sing along, jam out, and listen to Meridian on repeat all day!

Sentience Lyric Video featuring Ryan’s and James’ Guitar Solos

Watch this video you YouTube.

It’s about time we’ve got our music on YouTube! To bring more usefulness to our songs on YouTube, we’ve written out the lyrics to our songs and Ryan and James filmed their guitar solos.